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The 12.01 Project elevate academic institutions, charities, scientists and conservationists with film production and digital media.


Every problem has a story, be it climate change or feeding the world.

How you tell that story determines how people learn, share and act, and every solution also has a story worth telling. We help you tell these stories.

The 12.01 Project uses film, web-design, animation and music to tell stories and we house them on an interactive, interlinked platform to bring your story, your work, your research, your solution to life. We bring an audience to you and help you to develop networks, increase awareness, attract collaborators, raise capital, and amplify impact.

The 12.01 Project helps develop your solution to social and environmental problems, to share your research develop networks and co-operation.

River atuel, Mendoza, Argentina
The Andies

Our service is designed to bring attention to and support solutions and research to todays pressing social and environmental problems.

The 12.01 project have experience working with a wide variety of collaborators in a wide variety of locations on a wide variety of subjects - Universities, charities, scientists, conservationists, governments in Europe, Africa and South America.

Project Locations

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Atuel River

The Atuel River rises in the Argentine Andes and disappears into the desert. Its precarious and threatened existence supports the lives and livelihoods of 100’000’s of people. The 1201 Project became the first people to journey the entire of the navigable Atuel river bearing witness to a pressured ecosystem and the stories and solutions that the people who live along it share.

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Social Impact Toolkit

The Social Impact Toolkit is a structured multi-media repository of useful information, tools and indicators to help understand social impact and outcomes associated with the work of Community Food Businesses.It can also be considered a framework to assist in understanding how social impact can be achieved, and to visualise the various pathways that can be followed to both instigate and evidence impact at the community scale.

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Thriving Hive

Honeybees are facing many threats including habitat loss, degradation, and fragmentation; non-native species and diseases; pollution, including pesticides; and climate change. Air pollution could also have an impact but it has been the subject of little research. This project aims to understand the effect of air pollution on honeybee health and productivity.

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Organic Plus

The aim of the ‘Organic-PLUS project’ is to provide high-quality, trans-disciplinary, scientifically informed decision support to help all actors in the organic sector, including national and regional policy makers, to reach the next level of the organic success story in Europe.

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OYW Ambassador Impact

Every year, the One Young World summit brings together the world’s brightest young leaders from over 195 countries. We selected 26 of them, investigated their work, and provided tools to help expand their impact.

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Sometimes the biggest solutions are closer than we think. A group of Mexican scientists have found a way to replace imported soya in animal feed with a combination of local, sustainable, and drought-resistant plants. The impact is social, environmental, economic and global. But it faces challenges.

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South African Biosphere Reserves

Towards Life. Dragonflies decrease poverty. A township food garden cleans the water in your taps. Reserves without fences reduce poaching. The South African UNESCO Biosphere Reserves combine the contradictory to create solutions to social development and environmental preservation.

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