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We are the
12.01 Project

A production company for social change. We produces high-quality investigative documentaries and provides the tools necessary for viewers to take action.


Every documentary and every web platform is a bespoke product.

The story, the design and the format are entirely customised to meet the your needs. Yet at the same time, they are not standalone creations. They feed into a greater network of solution orientated projects.

Over time, films, their supporting materials and their communities overlap. This allows for cross-pollination of ideas, technologies, solutions, experts, and all the other resources that support innovative research and solutions.

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The 12.01 Project draws together a wide range of skills under one roof: film production, research, interviews, web design, animation, illustration, podcasting and music.

We have worked across Southern Africa, Latin America and Europe. Our resources and networks allow us to be extremely cost effective and deliver services quickly. We focus on existing research and solutions and define success as creating actionable outcomes.

Mariana Bollati

Mariana Bollati

Producer and Illustrator

Mariana Bollati is a sustainable architect, producer and illustrator focusing on social and environmental issues. She has worked on projects to improve neighbourhoods and ecosystems in vulnerable areas.

Laurence Campbell

Laurence Campbell

Illustration and Animation

Larry Campbell is an artist and filmmaker based in the UK. His work often combines elements of various artistic techniques to produce and explore experimental working practice.

Benjamin Cook, Director and Camera

Benjamin Cook

Director and Camera

Ben Cook is a documentary and fiction film-maker based in the UK. His documentary work has covered mental illness, social housing, women refugees, aids awareness, and biographies of artists and charity workers. In a fiction film capacity, he is also the co-founder of Anti/Type Films.

Pierre Heistein, Producer

Pierre Heistein


Pierre Heistein is a macroeconomic consultant and writer specialising in Sub-Saharan Africa. Outside The 12.01 Project, he works as an independent analyst for a range of leading consultancies including 10EQS Consulting Services in the U.S. and Oxford Analytica in the U.K.

Paul Wongsam, Web Design & Development

Paul Wongsam

Web Design & Development

With 20+ years of experience providing graphic design for business and educative sectors, Paul understands how to produce visual content that will engage. He builds modern, responsive websites to spark user action through usability, usefulness, and desirability provided in the interaction with digital products.